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(Unit: M.Baht)

Period as of Y/E'21
Financial Data
Assets 1,677.19 1,544.11 1,440.61
Liabilities 1,284.30 1,037.69 926.60
Equity 392.89 506.42 514.00
Paid-up Capital 2,998.40 2,998.40 2,998.86
Revenue 2,178.63 1,510.55 991.23
Net Profit 812.03 53.04 6.67
EPS (Baht) 0.02 0.01 0.00
Financial Ratio
ROA(%) 51.14 5.29 3.79
ROE(%) 144.11 11.80 4.92
Net Profit Margin(%) 35.70 3.51 0.67


  • The SET website displays the financial statements submitted by each listed company. The accounting period of this information varies, depending on the fiscal year-end of individual companies as there are some firms whose fiscal year-end is not December 31 or is not a standard 12-month fiscal year.
    Please see more information for a particular company by downloading financial statement.
  • Information on the financial statements is presented according to the information that the listed companies submit on that period. The investors should study additional information from the companies' financial statements since some companies may restate the comparing financial statements on the latest financial statements.
  • For foreign listed company (Secondary Listing), P/E P/BV and Dividend Yield are calculated by applying BOT exchange rates for comparison purpose only.
  • For foreign listed company (Secondary Listing), financial statement data follows the standards of the home exchange.